Monday, November 16, 2009

Korea Paperwork

So, I was checking out my friend Josh's blog about living in a Tipi, which you should check out, and decided to start a blog myself. I have begun the process of taking a teaching position in Korea where I will be help young elementary age children learn to speak English. I am currently trying to get the appropriate paperwork together and while it's not extremely difficult it is some work. Below is the steps I have to complete to begin my newest journey.

Step 1: Gathering documents and sending them to Korea
Step 2: Receiving a visa permission code/ or an appointment letter from Korea
Step 3: Applying for a teaching visa to a nearest Korean consulate
Step 4: Having a visa interview(May be waived)
Step 5: Receiving a visa and entering Korea

Here are the steps required to "Gather Documents":

1. Signed contract(every page with signature at bottom)-3 Copies
2. Application Form
3. Resume
4. Passport Photocopy
5. Colored passport photos (3.5 centimeter by 4.5 centimeter) (4)- Send 2 and keep 2 with you for later use ( No black and White)
6. e-2 applicant health verification form (Different form from one similar found in the gepik application form)-Attached.
7. Two letters of recommendation- it has to include "name,contact info, how have known each other, reasons for recommending as a teacher, has to be dated and signed and at least 5-7 sentences.
8. Degree- (Either original or a photocopy with an apostille stamp)
9. Transcript(Sealed) of bachelors degree (All years). Once it is open (and the backside of the envelope has no signature or stamp it will not be accepted. Send 2 copies to Korea while you keep 1.
10. Criminal record check (6 month old or younger: has to be statewide with an apostille stamp.
11. Residency Certificate (USA)- You can bring it with you at the time of entry to Korea.
You can get an application form downloaded from this site and send it into the given mailing address in the instruction page of the site.,,id=137809,00.html

12. HIV test- has to be negative. We recommend you this only if you are uncertain.
13. TESL certificate if you have one.
14. Teaching proof letter if you have a teaching experience.

All of these docs have to be mailed to Korea. I've simply started a folder to keep all of my paperwork together while I've also ordered my transcripts from my school. I'm simply checking things off as I complete them.

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