Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Thoughts

7-13 Ok, so I don't have any great thoughts today. Felt today would be a good time to write another blog and I thought I'd just see what comes of it. It's the last week of regular school as we start summer camp next week for two weeks. It will consist of the students being here from 9-12 every day for two weeks and myself being here for my regular hours (8:30-4:30). It should be a pretty good time as we have some interesting activities such as having the kids build and Indian Tipi as we will be teaching about Native Americans! After the two weeks of camp, I don't have to be back at school for over two weeks! It's going to be nice to have some time off and I think during my time off I'm going to be doing some traveling throughout the country with a friend or two and just chill.

I've also booked three trips through adventure korea, which is a cool site, if you are in Korea you should definitely check it out: For the three trips I'm going on, they are:

This weekend(July 17/18th) I'm attending the 1st Mud Festival. Activities include Mud Wrestling( or Wraslin' for those of you also from the south), Mud sliding, a concert, fireworks, and much more.

The weekend of the 31st and 1st I'm planning on heading to a water park with some friends which should be a sweet time. On August 1st I'm planning on attending the Jisan Rock Festival so I can have the chance to see Muse for the first time. I've really started to dig their music and having the opportunity to see them while here is something I simply can't pass up. There's not much I enjoy more than live music.

The following weekend (Aug 7/8) I'm heading down to Jeollanam-do province to stay at a private beach house. On this trip I'll visit the Muan Lotus Festival, go swimming, fishing, take a boat ride, have a camp fire, visit a brewery, etc. It really looks like an amazing trip and I will get to meet some cool people along the way.

The 3rd trip I've booked through Adventure Korea is called a Camping and Wilderness Trekking trip. It will take me up and over to the Gangwon-Do province. During this trip I'll get to visit the 4th Infintration tunnel the South Korean's discovered back in 1990. While there we'll get to check out the Ulji observation tower and get a good look at North Korea as well! Next will be hitting up the summer festival, set up tents and camp, head to Achimgari Valley for some hiking, have some Bibimbop and head back.

In September I'm planning on running the DMZ International Peace race up near the DMZ (of course). I was going to try and run the 1/2 marathon but now I'm just going to try and run the 10K. I think I can live with running that far. I'm currently right at the 3 mile marker and getting up to the 6.2 mile marker in the next two months is a legit goal! I'm pretty stoked to actually run a race. I actually haven't ran one since I ran the Ice Breaker last April in Great Falls, while living in Montana.

I do have a tough decision right now as I still really want to visit Beijing, China while I'm over here this year. Right now I think I may try and go during Chuseok, which is the Korean Thanksgiving. I just need to get my EXPENSIVE visa and book my trip. Visiting the Great Wall and the Forbidden Temple would be such an awesome experience. Just have to decide when to go. If any wants to go either in September or during Winter Vacation just let me know on here or FB. Well, I think I've done enough ranting for today. I'm very pleased with the trips I've been able to book and I expect they will be awesome adventures as I continue to explore The Land of the Morning Calm!

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