Wednesday, May 5, 2010

4-7 So last night I met with other teachers in the area. I believe I mentioned earlier we're meeting at Idong, a town up the road just a little ways from Ildong. Bomi is driving us there and we are picking up Ben and Alex at the bus terminal. Once we picked them up we headed to Idong to meet the others. There I met Lee who went to school in NYC and was now back in Korea after 6 years. I also met three other people while we ate but can't recall their names. We dined at a Chinese restaurant and had wonderful food and conversation. During dinner we talked about running races and one of the guys and I talked about the potential of running a 1/2 marathon in Korea. I can actually start back to working out as I now know roughly the where abouts of the local gym.
At the table I we had driver's licenses of 3 NY, 1 Ill, 1 CA, and 1 KY. After dinner we talked and Lee said that they do this about once per week and I'm excited to do that as I love hanging out with others from different places in the world. Lee also suggested attending a baseball game later this month which I'd for sure be down for. After dinner we piled back into Bomi's car as we picked up another passenger in Wally and once we got back to Ildong I learned that both Wally and Ben live on the same street as I do. I came back to the apartment and tried to watch Pirates again but quickly fell asleep.
Today was my easy day at work, as Weds. are a short day during the week. Today all I had was a class with the Kindergartener's at 9:50 am in which we worked on the alphabet, watched some ABC videos, and did some coloring of the letter A! At the end I gave them all a piece of candy; the rest of the morning consisted of FB, Farm Town, and chatting with people back home. At noon I went to lunch which consisted of Kimchi, bean sprouts with squid, beef, which you mix with your rice and then orange juice, a snack and soup. In the afternoons on weds I have an after school class which is predominately made up of 3rd graders. Today we worked on phonics and the letter C. We verbally did the words together, next they colored the pics, and I then had each verbally go over each word with me. Next they had to write each word 10 times and show me. The kids did outstanding as I only had to assist a little. I gave the ones that did the best stickers and one girl is particularly exceptional, especially for a 3rd grader.
Once after school was over I just hung out and listened to some tunes until it was time to go home at 4:30 pm. Bomi had a meeting so I was on my own on getting home and I decided to walk with it being such a nice day. It ended up taking about 25 mins to walk home, which is not a bad walk at all. On the way home I thought about Allison's I love you/miss you chat on FB earlier. It was great to chat but it also showed how much I miss not being around her as well. I changed clothes when I got to my apt and enjoyed a bowl of cereal. After a short time I headed over to the Philmart (Grocery Store) to get some dinner. I ended up picking up some ramen, chocolate, a Mt. Dew and I also found a pic uploader so I can finally put my pics online. I dined on the ramen and the chocolate while finishing Pirates (Worlds End). After the movied I grabbed a shower and decided to write in the journal. Now I'm watching a little Shrek and relaxing. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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