Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not in Shape

4-6 The next morning I woke up and watched The Butler VS. Michigan St. game and was pleased to see that Butler won! Once Steve got ready we walked down the street and started my first hike in Korea! Hiking in Korea is basically the national sport and you can tell as everyone is decked out in serious hiking gear. We hiked up a ways an sadly I'm Terribly out of shape and didn't make it too far, but we did make it to the first lookout. Definitely not used to seeing this many people hiking. Here bring a spread with them on their hike as well and have a whole meal at the top while also drinking Soju, etc. After our hike we grabbed a pizza and chilled at Steve's before heading to take me back to the bus station.
I hopped back on the bus at the Dongseoul bus terminal and slept most of the way back to Ildong. Once i was back in Ildong I just hung out and got ready for the school day in the morning. Monday was a big day at the school as the Vice Principal spoke in front of the entire school at the beginning of the day and she spoke of where I came from, my family, especially my nine year old sister Allison. After she finished I spoke about myself for a couple minutes, touching mainly on my hobbies and where I had lived. On Mondays I teach 5 classes and with my 6th grade class we sang Hey Jude and Yesterday by the Beatles. In a surprise I had to stand up and sing in front of the class for both songs! The kids were very excited for me to sing, nice, more pressure.
We had a lot of fun though and I was exhausted after school and I hooked up the dvd player and watched Pirates of the Carribean that I borrowed from school and for dinner I had Sushi with soy sauce and some Pepsi. Tuesday is just as busy as Monday with 5 more classes the most fun during today was by far the 1st graders learning to sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes". We taught Old Mcdonald to the 5th graders and it was a great day again. i've been playing around on Facebook since and writing too while chilling to the Avett Bros. bomi has a teacher's meeting until 4:30 so I'm going to try and post on the blog again. After work we're having dinner with other English teachers in Idong, which is a town about 20 minutes from Ildong. It will be nice to meet others teaching in the area.

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  1. Man i get tired just reading about all you doing. I know your enjoying it. Love you and very Proud of you.