Sunday, June 13, 2010

Been a while

Ok, so it has been a while since I've last posted a blog. I've really been enjoying my time here with school and my new friends. I'm hopefully going to geet all the earlier writings transferred to this blog soon. Thanks!

4/8- Today was an interesting dday as it was music day at school. First, though I walked to school and it was a nice cool morning, perfect for walking. In music class today we taught the kids the "Hokey Pokey" and they loved it! Imagine teaching kids the Hokey Pokey, now imagine teaching it as a second language. We also worked on Old Mcdonald again with the older kids. We uploaded videos of both songs to Facebook and they are great! During lunch the principal asked me if a I drink and I said yes. He told Bomi we would have to drink some time, interesting. In the afternoon we only had one class and we had a scavenger hunt for words and they had to find me and say the words in English. After class Bomi and I sat around thinking about what to do for our break in May (5-9). She's thinking of going to Japan and I looked into doing that as well.
Next, I checked into a trip to Beijing but decided against as you have to have a visa to enter China and I wouldn't have the time. It also way more expensive to get a visa for China if you are an American($130) versus any other country ($30). So, I think I might head east to the beaches and see the sea. It's pretty cheap to travel in country so that's probably my best bet. I'll discover Korea and still have plenty of $. Also, they're throwing me a birthday party tomorrow and I'm ver yexcited to see what they do. We are also goin to play some basketball with the older kids, so I'll get to show off some of my moves! Pluse the goals are only about 9'and I can dunk, the kids love it.
Bomi and I also talked about baseball and I'm thinking of basically becoming a coach for the school. Would be a ton of fun and another way to teach English. Once I got home today I was exhausted from the Hokey Pokey and fell asleep for a bit before eating ramen for dinner. I also forgot taht I uploaded my pics today and received a lot of positive comments. Charging my camera for the big day tomorrow! Going to read a little Walden and head to bed.

4-11 Thought I'd write a bit about the last two days a bit. I had bee looking forward to Friday as I knew my 6th graders were throwing me a bday party! Well, the morning started, I guess as you would expect, with the kids being sluggish. However, the afternoon was a lot better, especially with the party. So, our last class on Friday is 6th grade English and they were throwing me a party. I knew they were doing this but was overwhelmed as every kid brought me a card and I also received a drink, candy in a heart shaped box, a candy box and more candy. the cards they gave me were awesome and very hear warming, as they wrote: "you are very handsome, I love you, hansome boy, brilliant teacher, honorable, admirable, when I first met you I was a little scared, but now I love your English class" One drew pictures of basketball and baseball, and seong-Chan Kim wrote "I am sorry for not getting a present for your birthday. I will graduate next year so I hope I make a good memory". Well, you already have Seong. After reading all the cards, the kids opened up their snacks and we feasted. I went around table to table and they kept giving me food.
I took pics with each table and made one my profile picture later that day. After our feast we went outside to play some basketball and baseball. The only problem is that I'm out of shape and I believe I pulled a muscle while dunking once! never the less I went over to baseball and pitched a little before taking a few swings. After hitting a few balls, harming no one, I headed back to basketball. Once back in the room I decided to upload the pics from the day and also got some great news as my ID Alien Registration Card (ARC) came in!
After school we headed to the bank, Nonghyup, to open my account. It's interesting there as they give you your debit card right on the spot and you just give them 1,000 Won. These cards do not go through Visa though. I am probably going to have to open an account with another bank too as Nonghyup doesn't transfer or exchange currency and I will need to transfer at least a few time to pay off my loan back home. Nonghyup also charges you 500 Won to take money out when they're closed which is a load of you know what. After getting my account open we went to get me a cell phone. I've learned over time that there are certain groups of people that are pains in the rear, and cell phone people are in that group, doesn't matter what country you are in. We were there FOREVER, and just way too much trouble.

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