Sunday, June 13, 2010

Been a while Cont'd

4-11 Finally, we finished and I had my cell and one contact, Bomi. Afterwards, she dropped me off and said she'd be back in 30 minutes to take me up to the natural spring. I decided to grab a quick shower after a day of playing sports. the spring is up one of the mountains a bit and will be an excellent spot to run to as I get in better shape. Once back at the apartment I took a walk to the grocery and grabbed a beer and some sushi and enjoyed it on my roof while looking at the mountains in the backdrop. I actually didn't stay up there too long as I didn't have a proper chair and my back was killing me from basketball earlier. The back continued to be a source of pain throughout the night and it was difficult to move.
Now, it's my birthday, April 10th, what shall I do? I ended up laying around until about noon since I didn't sleep much last night with the back. When I did finally arise I showered and took a stroll to find some food. I settled on a place called BBQ Chicken and ordered what I though was a 3pc chicken meal, for 8,500 Won. Boy was I wrong, as I actually ordered the equivalent of the 10 pc meal and it was 16,000 Won. So, I picked up a drink and headed back to the apartment with my bucket of chicken. I watch the 3rd Pirates again and at my chicken, which was ok. Well, I ate part of it and save some for later. Afterwards I decided to go out and find something to do. I must admit it quite intimidating trying to gget into new things in a foreign country especially when you don't speak the language. I finally got up the nerves and checked out the dvd store. I picked out a couple movies and went to the checkout. Now, I assumed it was like home in that you create an account and you're good to go. So, I gave her my address card and then the fun began. I didn't think that the card was all in English and she couldn't read it. I also didn't think at the time to give her my ARC. I tried to call Bomi to translate but to no avail. Finally, I told the poor lady I'd be back. My first truly frustrating moment, and on my birthday. I was really frustrated at this point as I'm just not used to having no one to spend my birthday with.
So, I decided to walk up to the grocery store, where I ended up picking up some cookies and milk. When I arrived back at the apartment I enjoyed the milk and cookies, watched the 2nd Pirates movie, for the 4th time I belive. I actually fell asleep during the movie and was able to sleep better than Friday night as my back was feeling better. In looking at this weekend, I'm still settling in and getting acclimated to my surroundings. I'll get my travel reimbursement on Monday and hopefully get my 1st paycheck on Friday. If all goes well, I plan on seeing Steve next weekend and celebrating my bday again, in Seoul this time. I also play to get a few phone numbers this week so I can communicate with people a little better. Well, it's a little after 5am I think I'm going to sleep a little more.

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