Sunday, June 13, 2010

Milk & Cookies

4-12 As I sit here having some milk and cookies, I also have the bedroom window open and I can see a kid playing what seems to be hide and seek while hearing others playing at the school across the street. I can't help but wonder how the kids play in North Korea. I wonder if they have the same freedom to play as the kids I see do. I'm sure I mentioned it earlier but I only live about an hour or so from the DMZ, which is basically the divider between North and South Korea. I'm pretty happy that mammaw never found out that I would be living that close to the border. One thing that I do find myself missing here in my new country is grass. Because there are so many people in such a small space (the country has 50 million people in a space that size of Indiana) that they do not have the luxury of nice manicured lawns as many of us do back in the States. I thought of this a lot as I gazed recently at Easter pics from back home. I am taking a break to eat dinner and to put away most of the rest of my clothes that are currently hanging up.
I saw a few socks as they are a little damp and I really hate wet socks. I am dining on ramen hopefully for the last time, as I should , from now on, eat
better. I really don't mind ramen except for the sodium is equivalent to what you should eat in an entire day. To drink I think I'm going to have water as I want to get back to the 100 oz days. I do have the kool-aid but I think I'll wait christen it tomorrow. After eating I'm going to read more of Walden, which I am really starting to enjoy. I just received a call from Bomi inviting me to dinner which is cool and I'll guess I'll use my card and hope dad put a little in so I'll have enough to at least pay my insurance. Ok, so I went with Bomi to Matt's apartment where we had a great dinner of Kimchi cooked with a mix like a pancake, soup, and rice. Matt also gave me a book of Korea which is cool and also an Ipod charger which absolutely made my day, I feel like I'm whole again with my music.

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