Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting acclimated to my surroundings

So, I have now slept in my apartment one night and it's not too bad, especially considering I don't have a blanket or regular pillows, just the ones from the love seat. I originally woke up at 8:30 this morning and hung around the apartment playing electronic Yahtzee and worked on a Sudoku puzzle, completing my first in Korea. I fell back asleep for a while and got back up around 11:15 to iron my clothes as my co-teacher Boomi was picking me up at Noon to see the school and meet everyone. Once we were at the school I truly felt like a rock star as the kids were all saying hi, waving, and wanting to shake my hand! We had lunch in the cafeteria which consisted of Kimchi, spinach, and Pork as the appetizers and rice and soup which are the main course, always. I very pleased that I really enjoyed the lunch. I wasn't worried about finding enough to eat here as it is a meat eating country, I was just worried a little about the spicy food and so far so good.

After lunch we checked out the the room in which I will be teaching in during this year. I got to see my desk and the books I will be using and I learn that I will also be teaching music during the year and I find that very exciting to share my love of music. I was able while in class to get online and share with the world that I had indeed made it to Korea and to share that my school was awesome. I had expected to have several messages but had no idea to the extent that it truly was and I'm very thankful that I have so many people that care for me in this world. After watching "The Blind Side" three times in the past week I realize how lucky I am to have so many people in my life and realized truly how many people don't have anyone in this world and how sad that really is.
After school we went to the bank so I would have some Korean currency, Won. From there we had to go to the hospital for my drug test, eye/hearing exam, and blood test. It cost $53 for this and once we finished there we stopped at a store to get some things for the apartment. I bought some cookware, alarm clock, candle, shampoo, towels, TP, and detergent. To end our traversing for the day we stopped at the grocery store where I picked up some Kimchi, PB&J, Candy, Bread, a Mountain Dew, grapes, milk, cereal (Corn Flakes), cucumbers, mushrooms, onions, etc. We then shuffled over to my apartment and "talked" with the landlord a bit. I decided I would come to school again tomorrow (Official start is April 2). Again, Boomi will be here at noon to pick me up. After they left I put everything away and went back to yahtzee and puzzles. I might wait until tomorrow to begin exploring my town of Ildong, home to about 10,000 people.
It was fun today to have and use Korean currency and easy to learn how to pay as 1000 is close to $1. They also use the same numbers as we do in the US so it's easy to just look at the register and see 5000W and know what to pay. I also took pictures of everything I bought today to post when I find a uploader as I left mine in KY. I can't wait to hang up my Montana map and get a Korean one as well. Soon I will get picture frames for the pictures I brought. For now I've placed them throughout the apartment. Tomorrow I think I'll show Boomi my Montana slideshow! Well, 'til next time.


  1. Hey i've been looking at your pic's on Facebook. Really looks for beautiful. So glad things are going well for you. Watch your videos of you with your students. Your mom would be so proud. I know i am.. Love ya and i'll talk later..


  2. Grant said he wanted to see a video of Ewwic doing the hokey pokey. Okay, I lied, he didn't say that but I bet I can get him to if it means you will post it on YouTube :)