Wednesday, April 21, 2010


4-1 Ok, so tonight has been an interesting night. I finally decided to open the Kimchi that I bought. With it I sauteed some onions and hand a bottle of H20; sadly I did not make it through all of the Kimchi as the quantity I pulled out was too much and I'm still gettin used to the texture. It certainly cleared up my sinuses on a good note. After I washed the dishes the bell rang which is actually a chirping sound. At the door was Bomi and my landlord and they came in and we talked. The LL took the cable box that was left from the last teacher and Bomi said I'd have a new one next week! Then Bomi said she would pick me up at 8:30 in the morning for school and we'd figure out the bus I'll be taking.
She said we'll have an hour to prepare the lesson for the day, which is great b/c I wasn't sure what to teach yet. We have classes tomorrow and on a really cool note I can go to class on 2 Saturdays a month for extra vacation days! Also tomorrow we'll be getting my results from the hospital, getting the ID card ordered, looking for a blanket, etc. I'm thinking of going to bed already and it's only 7:55pm.
4/2 So, it's the big day; my first day of teaching in Korea. Bomi picked me up at 8:30 and we headed to school. We have an hour before class so I get on Facebook and chat with a few people and respond to messages as well. For the classes I ended up showing them my video from Montana and they really loved it especially the Bison! I also showed them my video at RDI doing our breakdancing routine, they were impressed. We also watched Allison's Christmas play from 2nd grade; I knew that she would love knowing that. I chatted on FB throughout the with dad and friends and even listened to a little music on you tube, a little Black Stone Cherry and Eddie Vedder.
I was able to score a dvd player but sadly I forgot that their dvds and players are coded for region 3 and so the dvds I brought the the States will not work here. I will have to pick up a few dvds here to watch. After school we came to my apt to get my receipt from the hospital and drove to Pocheon and once we arrived at the hospital we didn't have the proper quality picture, so we drove to a photo mart and got my picture taken. After getting the copies of my picture we went back to the hospital and got my stamp for health assesment, yeah I'm healthy! From there went about 40 min to another town to apply for my ID card. There we gave them my money and passport and we raced back to Ildong as Bomi had a dinner party to attend. Now I'm back in Ildong and I bought my 1st bottle of rice wine, a coke and some beef jerkey. Hear in a minute I'm heading to the bus station to greet Steve and I'm excited to see a familiar face.

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