Monday, April 12, 2010

Yahtzee and Sudoku

(3-31) It's interesting being here in Ildong, Korea. It's not a bad thing but I'm not used to no roommate, no phone, no internet, and no tv, especially right now when I know a total of two people in all of Ildong. Bomi was sick today and we didn't go to school, which is somewhat dissapointing as school is my only way to connect right now with the outside world! It was funny as the Landlord came up so Bomi could tell me that she would not be picking me up today and we tried to communicate and I did get that he was asking me how I liked the heated floors. In Korea, the heat comes from the floor under the mats they put down that make it look like wood flooring, it's definitely different than what I used to but pretty neat. Afterwards I decided to cook lunch in which cut up some mushrooms and an onion. It was actually more of a snack than lunch, but I enjoyed it. I then went back to where I've spent most of my time these first few days, Electronic Yahtzee and Sudoku puzzles!

Around 12:30, I needed to stretch my legs and got dressed to go for a walk. It was raining so I through on my jacket and Voyagers hat! I made certain to pay attention as this was my first time out alone and I did not want to get lost. I thought about getting a dvd if not too expensive and saw a store where they sell/rent them and may try it out later. While out I walked a ways up and down the main strip checking out the shops. I stopped at the big grocery store and bought a coke, water, and a bowl for my cereal. I was proud as I knew how to pay for things now and I had my 1st purchase on my own. I took my stuff home and put the bowl in the sink to wash, sipped on the coke and then put it and the water in the fridge.

After playing Yahtzee for a while, I grew tired of it and decided to explore my new town some more. I took my camera this time so I could snap a few shots of town. I walked in the direction of my school first and took pics of the bank and the grocery I visited earlier today. After about 1 mile I turned around and walked a couple miles the other way. I took a few more pics including one of a Presbyterian Church; there are a lot of Christians in Korea and I've been told it is right there with Buddhism as the main religion. I then came back to the apartment and resumed my Yahtzee and puzzles. I hope we can go into Seoul tomorrow and I can get a dvd player or charger for my Ipod. I also want some tacs to hang up my Montana poster and WKU flag. I'm excited also for Steve's visit this weekend, hopefully we can catch up and explore a bit.

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